Explore the history of Continuing Studies through this timeline. We'll walk you through the key moments and developments that have shaped our journey from the beginning to where we stand today. It's a glimpse into our past, showing how we've evolved over the years, and it's a testament to the values that guide us as we move forward.

  • 1963
    Profile photo of Robert Wallace

    Victoria College becomes the University of Victoria. The first director of the Evening Division of the University of Victoria was Robert T.D. Wallace (1963 – 1971).

  • 1965

    First year of La Maison Française. This summer French immersion program is still offered today.

  • 1969

    The Evening Division was re-named the Division of Continuing Education.

  • 1970

    First year of the English Language Centre (ELC). The ELC was originally a "program area" within the Department of Linguistics, offering short-term ESL programs for French-Canadian bursary students. Owing to its mandate to offer non/pre-credit studies, the (then) English Language Programs migrated to the department of University Extension. Over the years the ELC’s student population and program offerings have diversified exponentially. The ELC still welcomes French-Canadian bursary students each spring, but they are a small percentage of the 2,200 annual student population, which is comprised of international students from over 30 countries.

  • 1972 – 1979

    Profile photo of Director Laurence E. Devlin Director Laurence E. Devlin 

  • 1973

    Inaugural year of the UVic Prison Program. The UVic Prison Program was the first of its kind in Canada, offering university-level courses—mainly in the humanities and social sciences—to prisoners at federal prisons in British Columbia. Although the program shut down in 1983, it did lead to the development of William Head On Stage, Canada's only inmate-run theatre company.

  • 1976

    UVic offers its first educational travel tour. The Tour of Greece—sponsored by the Division of Continuing Education and the Department of Classics—took place from May 2 through 25, 1976. Twenty-six people participated in this tour. Continuing Studies still offers Travel Tours: view our current tours

  • 1978

    Founding of the Open Learning Institute (OLI). A joint effort between various universities in BC—including UVic, UBC and SFU—the aim of the OLI was to make university-level education accessible to students in remote communities across the province. OLI courses were offered through community colleges, and supported with "television material". UVic originally offered courses in education, nursing, social work and public administration.

  • 1978

    The Division of Continuing Education is re-named the Division of University Extension.

  • 1979 – 1986

    Profile photo of Director Glen Farrell Director Glen Farrell 

  • 1981

    The Knowledge Network, in partnership with the Open Learning Institute, begins broadcasting educational "tele-courses". The first tele-courses offered in Victoria were Human Biology, The 19th Century British Novel, The Body in Question and Finding My Own Way. 

  • 1982

    UVic's first live broadcast through the Knowledge Network. Throughout the 1980s and into the 1990s, UVic maintained a TV studio for the purpose of educational programming. The first live course was a Public Administration course. 

  • 1983

    The Diploma in Cultural Resource Management (then called the Diploma in Cultural Conservation) was offered for the first time. The diploma is still offered today.

  • 1986

    The Division of University Extension becomes the Division of University Extension and Community Relations.

  • 1986 – 1988

    Glen Farrell leaves UVic to become the President of the Knowledge Network. Laurence E. Devlin steps back in as Acting Director. 

  • 1987

    Dunsmuir Lodge Pacific Research and Conference Centre, in North Saanich, opens. In the late 1980s, Dunsmuir Lodge was described by The Financial Times as one of six "favourite [Canadian] haunts for corporate retreats." Continuing Studies offered numerous courses, lectures and events at Dunsmuir Lodge until its closing in 2009. However, we continue to offer courses on the Saanich Peninsula through the Mary Winspear Centre.

  • 1988 – 1993

    Profile photo of Director D. Gordon ThompsonDirector D. Gordon Thompson 

  • 1993

    The Division of Continuing Education was re-named the Division of Continuing Studies.

  • 1993 – 1996

    Profile photo of Director W. Michael BrookeDirector W. Michael Brooke (title changed from Director to Dean in 1994)

  • 1996 – 2007

    Profile photo of Dean Wes KoczkaDean Wes Koczka 

  • 1998

    The inaugural year of Current Concepts in Dentistry. This ADA CERP recognized program is a great opportunity to learn from four outstanding instructors, earn up to seven CE credits per day (28 credits over four days), and best of all: spend an extended weekend in the beautiful city of Victoria.

  • 2002

    The Division of Continuing Studies offers its first completely online program (Environmental and Occupational Health).

  • 2003

    The multi-million dollar, custom-designed Continuing Studies Building officially opens.

  • 2007 – 2016

    Profile photo of Dean Maureen MacDonaldDean Maureen MacDonald

  • 2012

    In cooperation with the UVic Faculties of Engineering, Science and Social Sciences, the English Language Centre launches the University Pathways Program for International Students, an innovative program combining academic English language learning with first-year university credit classes.

  • 2016

    Construction is completed on the new wing of the Continuing Studies Building. The new wing includes executive classrooms, language labs, computer labs, study/pronunciation/writing centres, a conference room and a large, sky-lit atrium.

  • 2017 - Present
    Profile photo of Dean Jo-Anne Clarke

    Dean Jo-Anne Clarke assumed the position of Dean in 2017. She has a distinguished record of achievement in adult education, leadership and administration and has a vision to expand our division program offerings.