Why Choose UVic

1. The best city in Canada with the best weather

The ELC has beautiful weather

Our beautiful capital city has the warmest climate in Canada and has been voted the “best small city in the Americas”.

Living in Victoria

2. New facilities

ELC's has new facilities

Our beautiful, modern building was completed in 2016 and is equipped with 27 classrooms, an activity centre and learning resources. We’re also located right on the UVic campus, only minutes from the buses, library and main cafeteria.

Studying at UVic

3. Academic reputation

Top Academic reputation

UVic is an internationally recognized research university and was ranked the top school in Canada for international collaborations and scientific performance in 2015.

UVic Rankings

4. Over 45 years of experience offering EAL programs

ELC has 45 years of experience

We’re one of the largest and most respected language schools in Canada, and there’s a reason why. Our programs are fun, academic and no matter what your goals for learning English, we have the resources and expertise to help you achieve them.

5. Supportive student community

Welcoming community

The ELC is a welcoming community that wants you to succeed. Our teachers, Cultural Assistants, Homestay department and registration staff all work together to make sure you have the best experience possible.

6. Free extra academic resources

ELC's many academic resources

In many programs, you’ll have access to extra academic resources such as the CALL facility, Study Centre, Pronunciation Clinic and library. Your English program can be as intensive as you make it.

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7. Free and optional social activities

Many ELC programs include free activities such as coffee socials, dances, karaoke nights, Victoria tours, sports and numerous workshops. Each activity is designed for fun and to develop your English outside of the classroom with our Cultural Assistants. There are a variety of optional activities available in all programs.

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8. Cultural Assistants (CAs)

All ELC activities are guided by an amazing team of CAs, dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences for you.

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9. Pathways to degree programs

The ELC has many options for students who want to get an undergraduate or graduate degree at UVic, including credit and English courses.

10. The UVic campus has it all

UVic facilities include dormitories, recreation centres, swimming pools, a cinema, cafes, cafeterias, a pharmacy, travel agency, medical centre, bookstore and bus terminal! All this just 10 minutes from the beach, and a 15 minute bus ride to downtown.

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