Certificate in Indigenous Language Revitalization Award

About the award

Continuing Studies at UVic offers the Certificate in Indigenous Language Revitalization (CILR) Award. The award was made possible through the generosity of anonymous donors and will contribute to ensuring the CILR program is accessible to more learners to support their educational path and the language revitalization needs of their community.

This award is for current learners in the Certificate in Indigenous Language Revitalization (CILR) program and will be awarded every year in the Fall academic term. The total annual amount of this award is $1000 and may be divided between more than one applicant. Students may apply to utilize the award for various expenses. Examples of these expenses include, but are not limited to:

  • Travel to attend and participate in CILR course offerings
  • Expenses such as food, accommodation, childcare, course supplies and other unforeseen expenses
  • Tuition to attend CILR courses
  • Additional expenses and/or Indigenous supplies to engage in community language revitalization in alignment with a CILR course

2019 Award recipients

Congratulations Carole Tinqui and Samone Sayese-Whitney, the recipients of the 2019 Certificate in Indigenous Language Revitalization Award. View article.

How to apply

Applications are due November 22nd 2019 for this initial year. If you would like to apply for the Certificate in Indigenous Language Revitalization (CILR) Award, please download and fill out the application form and email it to the Certificate in Indigenous Language Revitalization Program Coordinator at cilr@uvic.ca.

Download Application Form

Award committee and guidelines

The award committee will review the submissions and make a determination. The committee will consist of at least 3 of the 4 following representatives:

  • Two representatives from Cultural Management Programs, Division of Continuing Studies, CMP Director, CILR Coordinator. One may be a delegate from Division of Continuing Studies as needed.
  • One representative from the En’owkin Center.
  • One representative from the Department of Linguistics, Faculty of Humanities, CILR Faculty Advisor or delegate.

The committee guidelines are as follows:

  • The committee may allocate the award to more than one recipient. 
  • The committee may re-open the call upon first review of applications and set an extended submission date.
  • The award is limited to Indigenous learners and to students who have successfully completed one course within the Certificate in Indigenous Language Revitalization (CILR) with the Division of Continuing Studies. 

CILR background

The University of Victoria has provided educational programs in the area of Indigenous language revitalization dating back to the 1970s, and this has become an area of excellence in in research and teaching for the university. Beginning in 2005, the Certificate in Indigenous Language Revitalization (CILR) program was developed by the Department of Linguistics, the Division of Continuing Studies, and the En'owkin Centre. Since then, the CILR program has worked with Indigenous communities and organizations to develop the knowledge and skills required support to language revitalization. The goal of the Certificate Program is to develop understanding of the complex dynamics of language loss, maintenance, and recovery while also providing practical strategies for work in Indigenous communities to reclaim and revitalize threatened languages. Learners engage in dynamic learning experiences, and this award will assist in keeping education accessible to Indigenous learners.

For more information, please contact:

Certificate Program in Indigenous Language Revitalization
Cultural Management Programs,
Division of Continuing Studies
Email: cilr@uvic.ca 
Phone: 250-721-8504
Fax: 250-721-8774