Become your own editor

Editing your own work is not an easy task. You've written it down, think it’s brilliant, or at least passable, and now it's time to edit. It’s difficult to edit your own work for several reasons.

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Get Creative: Five ways to tap into your creativity

There are several well-known health benefits to engaging in creative endeavors, but sometimes actually getting into a right headspace is easier said than done. So what are some things you can do to get those creative juices flowing?

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How arts benefits us all, as humans

From the earliest markings upon cave walls, to the rhythmic beating of drums, cultural dance or even the creation of written language, people have been driven to express themselves through art since the earliest days of our species.

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Singing to Fight the Stigma and Social Isolation of Dementia

Taking a look at how participation in an intergenerational choir might foster social engagement and caregiver well-being, improve quality of life for persons with dementia, and reduce some of the stigma surrounding memory loss.

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Photo of Patrick Walters strumming his guitar.

Strumming your own Melody of Success

Building a relaxed musical community is a priority for music instructor Patrick Walters. As his students shuffle into class, he plays live music to loosen people up. It's not just about the guitar, it's about making a deeper relationship with music in an active way, Patrick adds.

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