Custom Learning Solutions FAQs

Read through our frequently asked questions to find out more about about how we work with you to understand your organization’s unique needs and develop custom training solutions.

Our staff will take you through a guided exercise looking at the skills, knowledge and competencies required by your organization and its members. We look at the degree of mastery for each of those and draft a learning solution that gives you the highest value for your time and money. We then review the draft with you and refine it according to your insights and industry specific aspects.

When you contact us through this form (link) we have a seasoned program development team member work with you through the design phase and then our program administrative staff will lead you through the rest of the process. Whether you want us to come to your site, you to ours, or to create an online learning solution, we will work with you in a hassle-free approach. 

Contact us as early as possible so that we can create the best custom learning solution for you and your organization. However, we also know that sometimes needs are emergent and you need to move more quickly. Our program development staff will balance with you the needs and your time period so you get the best solution for your situation. You will get to decide which needs are more important if time is an issue.

Not only can you help, we want you to help. Seeing that your organizational needs are met is important to us, and the best way to ensure this is by having you be a part of the curriculum development process. We start by finding out the skills, knowledge and competencies you are looking for and then developing the learning objectives. This is fundamental to the curriculum and you are at the centre of that process.

We will provide the framework and outline in advance as part of the consultation process which will also show the learning objectives and the skills, knowledge and competencies and how we will accomplish those. 

We make sure the background and needs of the learners are at the centre of the learning design. If there are specific needs for your audience, we want to know them and make sure we incorporate those key needs into the learning.

We can create a learning solution for any size of group, large or small. Additionally, if you have individuals who need further individual training we can look at our open enrolment courses and programs to recommend the best fit, including our individualized custom certificates.

It all depends on your needs and the time you have available. We work with you to design the best solution for your situation.

When we create a custom learning solution, we can also design it so that it meets our Micro-certificate requirements. For longer training offerings, we have Professional Specialization Certificates as well as University of Victoria Certificate and Diploma credentials.

Many of our offerings count towards professional CEU requirements. When we customize the design, we are happy to work with your industry and sector associations to support their assessment to qualify the training towards CEUs.

Still have questions?

We would be happy to discuss your specific situation. Please use our contact form to get in touch. 

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