with Program Director Richard Mimick
family man / educator / business consultant


By Therese Eley, Marketing Services

Richard Mimick has been in the "Business" business a long time. With a distinguished career spanning several decades, across multiple industries, he brings a wealth of connections, experience and knowledge to the Business and Management programs at Continuing Studies.

 "I've always loved the energy of working on a business deal, seeing all the moving parts at play and seeing it all come together, sometimes in ways you don't initially expect. And it’s fun bringing that into the classroom," says Richard. Having found success early in his career as a business consultant, he was hired by the highly-ranked Ivey Business School at Western University where he taught as a professor for 15 years and served as director for nine years. His students have gone on to hold top leadership positions in companies around the world, a point of personal pride for Richard.

Photo of Richard Mimick, Director of Business Programs. At this point in his career, he admits he keeps doing this not out of necessity, but because he really enjoys it. "I'm not a golfer or a tennis player. Sure, I'd have things to do, probably write another book (he's already co-authored nine books so far) but I like coming here every day. I like to stay busy, I have to be doing something. And I’ve been fortunate from a career perspective, the education I got, my military experience, and some of my career experiences—I can talk to virtually anybody and I find that fun."

"I like adding value to people's lives and I think I understand what young people need in business today. I like to think I help provide that. When you see how life-changing these programs can be for someone, you really realise the value that we’re bringing to their lives. The instructors and staff here are among the best I've worked with. And seeing the students walk out the door with confidence, is great."

But ultimately, at the end of the day, Richard finds the most joy in time spent with his family. He describes his wife, whom he met during a trip to Vienna while he was stationed at a military base in Germany in his early career, as the love of his life. He treasures the time they've spent travelling much of the world together as well as the time they spend with their three grown children and one grand-daughter, who is now off at university, forging her own path in International Relations.  

  • Posted July 26, 2018