By Jennifer Sainz, Program Coordinator

Community course offerings are a core function of the Division of Continuing Studies. Through creating sessions based on leading research and knowledge, we respond to our students’ enthusiasm for life-long learning. A key topic area of our community offerings is the diverse field of health and wellness.

The 7 Dimensions of Wellness provide the planning framework for our health portfolio. Every year, we strive to offer courses that relate to: social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual and physical health. This fall, Boundaries 101: Where You End and I Begin taps into the social and emotional aspects of wellness through a skill-building session on fostering healthy relationships. Farm-to-Table and Food-to-Human Cells explores both physical and environmental dimensions through an in-depth look at how food is grown and how nutrients affect your body.

Our goal is to bring timely and interesting topics to the classroom and our connection to University of Victoria faculty members helps to make that possible. Most recently, we connected with Dr. John Meldrum, Director of the School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education at the University of Victoria. Based on his current research, Dr. Meldrum has developed More Than Money: Making the Most of Retirement which will guide participants to identify the competencies for physical, emotional and psychological wellness needed to live their retirement years to the fullest.

Feedback received from our learners, by way of formal evaluation surveys and direct communication, influence community course planning by identifying new topic ideas and potential instructors. Often, the evaluation results speak to the desire for more of the same topic or instructor. We get to know our students names and faces as they return year after year to experience new sessions, with friends and family in tow! In a time when so much health information is accessible through the internet, our focus is on being a trusted and responsive educational provider to our community.

  • Posted July 26, 2018