Yosef Wosk Travel Award

Congratulations Kate Feltren and Rebecca MacKay, the recipients of our 2019 Yosef Wosk Travel Award!

Kate Feltren

Kate Feltren is a student in the Cultural Resource Management Diploma Program. Volunteering at the Mission Museum since 2015, Kate has been involved with designing and fabricating exhibits, accessioning artifacts, research and delivering public programs. This work ignited a passion for working in the cultural field and the Yosef Wosk Travel Award allows her to travel to Victoria to take the Exhibit Fabrication course which will provide her with necessary practical knowledge she can apply to her new position at the Museum.

Rebecca MacKay

Rebecca MacKay is a student in the Cultural Resource Management Diploma Program. She discovered the importance of educating the public on the world’s history, art and culture during her Bachelor’s degree in History and Humanities at SFU. After the opportunity for summer jobs at various museums, Rebecca decided to gain the educational background to match her career aspirations—designing engaging exhibitions to connect audiences to historical content. The Yosef Wosk Travel Award will allow her to take the Exhibit Fabrication course, providing her with practical knowledge she can take forward in her career.

  Oak Bay Heritage Foundation Award

Congratulations to Rosemary Kemp, Lorinda Fraser and Michaela Sawyer, the recipients of our December 2019 and August 2019 Oak Bay Heritage Foundation Award!

Rosemary Kemp

Rosemary Kemp is nearing the completion of her program in Cultural Resource Management at the University of Victoria, and is committed to a career in the cultural sector. Her work at various arts organizations in the city, including the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria and the Victoria Arts Council, helped her realize her passion for the preservation, research and exhibition of culturally significant objects. She holds a Diploma of Fine Art from the Victoria College of Art and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Victoria, and is planning to pursue a Master’s degree in art history. The Oak Bay Heritage Foundation Award will provide support for Rosemary’s development of valuable, practical knowledge in the preservation of heritage objects through her participation in the Caring for Collections course.

Lorinda Fraser

Lorinda Fraser is currently a student in the Collections Management Professional Specialization Certificate (PSC) program. In 2017, she completed a BA in Art History and Visual Studies at the University of Victoria and earned a MSc in Museum Studies from the University of Glasgow in 2018, focussing on the ways in which social contexts are made evident through art, objects, and archival records. Seeking to transition into a career in the cultural heritage sector, Lorinda has greatly benefited from the applied learning experiences made possible through the PSC program. In January 2020, she will begin a second term position as auxiliary archivist at the BC Archives, the partner organization for her PSC courses. ​

Michaela Sawyer

Michaela Sawyer is nearing completion of her diploma in the Cultural Resource Management program. She has also completed a BA from SFU and a Managing Archeological Collections course. She is passionate about the cultural field and plans to pursue her Master’s Degree once she has completed the diploma. As the recipient of the first Oak Bay Heritage Foundation Award, Michaela is closer to achieving her educational goals.

  Kalman Award for International Heritage Studies

Congratulations to Janice Niemann and Maria Buhne, recipients of our 2019 Kalman Award for International Heritage Studies!

Janice Niemann

Janice Niemann is a fourth-year PhD candidate in the Department of English. Janice will be using the Kalman Award for International Heritage Studies for a research trip this summer to visit the British library, Cuckfield Park, and the Attingham Summer School, where participants spend two and a half weeks visiting historically significant British country houses, exploring their grounds, and attending lectures on their conservation, archives, grounds, and history. This research trip is invaluable to Janice’s doctoral research which focuses on garden spaces as sites of deviance or transgression in nineteenth-century British novels. This opportunity would not be possible without the support of the Kalman Award for International Heritage Studies. She is grateful for the donors’ generosity and honoured to be named this year’s recipient. 

Maria Buhne is a graduate student at the University of Victoria in the Department of Art History and Visual Studies. Funds from the Kalman Award for International Heritage Studies will be used to support her research in the UK at Hilltop Cottage house museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the British Museum in 2019. Learning directly from the success of the UK National Trust in preserving national historical and heritage sites, Maria hopes to make a positive impact on the safeguarding of Canadian cultural heritage as critical sites of education and cultural understanding.

Award information

For information about awards available to Cultural Resource Management participants please see the Awards, scholarships, and bursaries page.

Upcoming submission deadlines:

Kalman Award for International Heritage Studies Nov. 15
Oak Bay Heritage Foundation Award Aug. 1 and Dec. 1
Yosef Wosk Travel Award Aug. 1
  • Posted October 21, 2019