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The Arabic language اللغة العربية is the fifth most spoken language and deserves special attention due to its beautiful lexical and grammatical structure, rich vocabulary, and precise phonics.

Which Arabic level should I take? 

These questions will guide you through the prerequisites to help you determine the level that best suits you.

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Arabic levels

Level 1

This introductory Arabic course covers the basic concepts of the Arabic language while emphasizing its practical, social and eloquent aspects. This course is a very basic introduction to the Arabic language. You will learn "survival" words and phrases, as well as how to read and write both words and practical sentences in the Arabic alphabet.

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Level 2

If you have previously taken an introduction to colloquial (informal) Arabic course or have completed Arabic - Level 1 (formerly Introductory) and would like to express yourself in a wider variety of everyday situations, this course will help you gain confidence in speaking. You will be encouraged to fine-tune your pronunciation, reinforce your basic knowledge and develop your communication skills. Additional material will also be introduced to expand your vocabulary. Knowledge of the Arabic alphabet is required to register for this level.

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Level 3

Building upon the foundation established in both previous levels, this course takes you on a journey towards greater proficiency in Arabic language and culture. By the end of this course, you will be well-equipped to navigate real-life situations in Arabic-speaking environments and deepen your appreciation for Arabic culture.

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We encourage students to participate in our language courses more than one time in order to truly learn the material taught over 10 lessons. It also gives you additional exposure to varying activities within each topic.

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