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If you want to learn in an interdisciplinary environment and gain a strong foundation in various legal concepts, you’re in the right place. Rooted in a comprehensive understanding of legal principles (including business or employment law, and intellectual and cultural property), our programs and courses offer a unique blend of practical skills and professional development opportunities. Taught by experts in their fields, you will learn how to navigate complex legal structures with confidence and competence. Discover more about our offers, which are designed to equip the next generation of professionals with the skills and tools needed to excel in this diverse field.

Law programs

Our newly launched Professional Specialization Certificate (PSC) in Intellectual and Cultural Property Law is the first of its kind to offer a specialized, intersecting approach combining Canadian intellectual property laws with the recognition and protection of Indigenous laws and culture.

In partnership with UVic's Borders in Globalization (BIG) research program, we offer three micro-certificate programs focused on the topic of modern border management including: Law of Borders and Cross-Border Laws


Courses open for registration

Intellectual and Cultural Property Law

This professional development program explores the principles, concepts and relationship between intellectual property and Indigenous cultural property, laws, customs and traditions.
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Modern Border Management: Law of Borders and Cross-Border Laws

Navigate the complexities of border laws through a comprehensive exploration of diverse legal concepts.
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