• Digital Reactionaries

Digital Reactionaries: Conspiracism and Extremism in Online Spaces

This is a four part series that explore the various aspects of extremism in online spaces. Topics will include bordering processes, Far-Right Extremism and Conspiracy in the Age of COVID.

Each of the sessions in this series builds upon the others, but each class is also a distinct stand-alone topic, so you may register for a single session or the entire series.

Continuing Studies statement on use of educational technology

This course will require the use of Zoom and may use other education technology such as internet-based applications, cloud services, or social media. In order to complete this course you will be required to either consent to the disclosure of your personal information outside of Canada to enable use of these technologies, or work with the Division of Continuing Studies to explore other privacy protective options (such as using an alias or nickname).

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Networks and Borderlands: Bordering Processes in the 21st Century

In this first lecture, we'll establish the framework for our future discussions. What do borders look like in the 21st Century? Does it make sense to talk about borders in digital spaces, and if so, what do they look like? How do online social movements and ideologies engage in bordering processes?
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Networks of Rage: Far-Right Extremism Online

In this lecture, we will assess how far-right activism in North America has used digital landscapes to effectively transcend national borders. We will examine some of the ways that far-right ideologies emerge, how they use the internet and social media first to organize, and then to spread internationally.
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The Storm Rises: Contemporary Extremism in North America

When Canadian extremists attack mosques and pedestrians in Canadian cities, there is often a digital trail that leads investigators to international, a-territorial networks. What are these groups? How do they recruit and who are their targets?
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Conspiracy in the Age of COVID

The global COVID-19 pandemic has had significant impacts on our lives, and one of the most troubling aspects of this has been the sharp rise in COVID-related conspiracy theories. What does it mean to say a person believes in conspiracy theories
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