Expanding your tools and techniques to improve your practice

Interested in adding more tools to your improvement toolbox?  There are many ways to support the ongoing management and improvement of health services and programs.

Many health service providers and managers have gravitated to improvement technologies likes Plan, Do, Study, Act or Lean methodologies. These approaches are part of a larger set of improvement science practices.  Each has its strengths and limitations and all offer useful tools for solving specific problems (e.g., how can I make my program more efficient? How can I make the intake process more patient-focused?).   Evaluation offers another set of tools for improving practice that complement these approaches.  Evaluations can provide valuable insights into your programs and services that are not usually available through these other approaches.  A recent article on the similarities and differences between evaluation and improvement science  highlights how the two approaches are related.

Interested in learning more about evaluation and adding new tools to your toolbox?    

Explore the opportunities available through a fully online course in Health Services Program Monitoring and Evaluation (PHDA 06).

Starting in January 2019, the Population Health Data Analytics (PHDA) course will provide you with a firm grounding in evaluation and give you the skills and knowledge to bolster your ability to manage your program or project for quality and results.

Learn more about this course: Health Services Program Monitoring and Evaluation (PHDA 06).

  • Posted December 4, 2018

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