Romulus and Remus: Writing Exercise

Romulus and Remus: Writing Exercise

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Romulus would have been a very famous person in those ancient times. People would have been very interested in hearing about his life story - his biography. If he were telling the tale it would be his autobiography. These days we often hear a person's autobiography through interviews with radio and TV reporters. Imagine you are Romulus being interviewed for a TV show.

Use the past progressive verb tense to answer the reporter's questions.

     Past progressive = While I was swimming.... When we were living in...


Reporter: 'Tell us please how you and your brother survived being abandoned as babies.'

Reporter: 'What were you and your brother thinking about the whole time that you lived with the wolf?'

Reporter: 'What were the circumstances surrounding the death of your brother?'

Reporter: 'What were you hoping for when you established the city of Rome?'

Reporter: 'Have you achieved your plans and goals?'