Culture Shock: Writing Exercise

Culture Shock: Writing Exercise

There are two ways to complete this exercise:
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This is the final writing assignment for this unit. Choose one of these six topics. Write four paragraphs:

  1. Write as Romulus or Remus, describing your life with the she-wolf.
  2. Write as Romulus or Remus returning to human civilization after living with the wolf. What do you see that is different? What do you think is strange about your new lifestyle?
  3. Write as Tarzan, describing his life amongst the apes.
  4. Write as Tarzan, describing his trip to England after living with the apes for so long. Culture Shock? Yes!
  5. Describe what your life would be like if you had come from your home country to live with First Nations people in the old days here in Canada. Did people in your country hunt buffalo and deer in the old days? Did they live in skin houses like the teepees? Did the children have to go to school or were they free to play all day?
  6. Write as Emily Carr, describing the time she spends in the deep, dark forests of Vancouver Island. How does she feel about being alone in the woods? What does she think about those people who tell her that she shouldn't go into the woods alone, and that she should stay home and cook dinner and sew clothes like all the other women?

Print the page and give it to your teacher.