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English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It's the language of international news, business and government. Demand for English teachers across the globe is high, and continues to grow. If you're interested in teaching English in Canada or abroad, these courses and programs are for you.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

This 120-hour course is for fluent English speakers with little or no EFL teaching experience. By the end of the course you'll know how to:

  • teach classes of all sizes and all ages
  • teach the four skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking), plus grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation
  • teach different levels of English: beginner, intermediate, advanced
  • develop lesson plans

We offer this course once per year, usually in September.

Professional Specialization Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (PSC in TEFL)

The PSC in TEFL is designed for teachers who are non-native speakers of English. The program has two components:

  • face-to-face courses at the University of Victoria in July or August
  • 90 days of online instruction

Successful completion of both components earns you a Professional Specialization Certificate as well as alumni status at the University of Victoria.

We can also customize a non-credit TEFL course to meet your needs, including delivery in your country to a group of TEFL teachers (20 minimum).

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Customized International Education Programs

Customized International Education Programs are designed to suit the schedules, interests and needs of educators coming from diverse teaching contexts around the world. These programs provide the opportunity for international educators to grow professionally through learning about a wide range of education-related topics from a Canadian point of view.
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Teaching English as a Foreign Language

The PSC in TEFL is a non-credit professional development certificate traditionally offered as a three-week immersive summer session on campus at the University of Victoria, complemented by nine weeks of facilitated online learning when international teachers return to their own country.
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Panamanian Teachers Become Students in Canada

UVic's international community is reaching beyond new borders as host to educators in the Panama Bilingüe program, a visionary professional development initiative launched by the Panamanian Ministry of Education.

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What It's Like Teaching English Abroad

Stephen Frampton, who has taught in Mexico, Myanmar and Morocco, discusses his experiences teaching English as a foreign language.

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New PSC in TEFL starting August 6

Are you an international student living in Victoria and looking for a way to use your English skills to teach abroad? We have a fantastic professional development opportunity for you this summer!

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These Acronyms are Making Me CRAZY: ESL, EFL, EAL, ELL, TEFL, TESL, TESOL, CELTA....

As someone who promotes English teaching-training programs at a university for a career, I'm constantly being asked by potential students, institutions, and even experienced teachers what all these acronyms stand for and what's the difference between them. I get questions like "Should I take a TEFL class or a TESL class?" or "What's the difference between ESL and ELL?" all the time, so I wanted to write a quick blog entry to address the confusion.

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Teaching from the Heart

"The word 'education' has nothing to do with filling people up with knowledge. The root comes from the Latin 'educere' meaning to 'bring out'. That’s what true education is. If you can bring out belief, motivation, dignity, hope, purpose, you are bringing out core values on which they can build their life."

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TEFL for Native English Speakers Info Session

Join us Wednesday, Aug. 3 as we host an info session on our Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) course. We'll discuss what you can do and where you can go with a TEFL Certificate of Completion from the University of Victoria.

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