Here is Cathy's story…

Cathy is an experienced administrator who works in a social services organization.

She's been involved in evaluation projects in the past but was recently asked to take the lead on a new program evaluation. Cathy confided in a colleague. "Honestly, I’m feeling really overwhelmed," she said. "With a six-month deadline looming, I know I have to plan my time wisely, and I’m not sure exactly where to start!"

With the knowledge that she had to consult with stakeholders, measure the program's success and demonstrate the value of a year's work, Cathy had limited time to get it all together. She knew she needed help, so she looked online.

That's how she found the fully online Health Program Monitoring and Evaluation course, offered by Continuing Studies at the University of Victoria. The course format was just what she was looking for. With weekly step-by-step modules, she was able to work on all the components she needed for her program evaluation. Along the way, she got one-on-one support from her instructor/mentor and great feedback from her online colleagues. By the end of the course, she had completed her program evaluation and felt confident that she had done a great job! An added bonus was that her supervisor was impressed too! It was a great return on investment, and she now has skills, knowledge and resources to take on her next evaluation project with confidence—and a lot less stress!

Do you have a project or program that needs close monitoring and evaluation to demonstrate value and results? If so, the Health Program Monitoring and Evaluation (PHDA 06) course could be a great fit for your needs! Whether you have limited experience or are looking for more practice-based skills to hone your work, this course has a lot to offer.

Individuals who have completed the program range from nurses and data analysts to researchers and program administrators. Their projects have included development of evaluation plans for flagship and ongoing programs within their organizations, including strategic plans, midwifery education programs, TB programs, HIV/AIDS programs, harm reduction programs, primary care programs, mental health programs and patient safety programs. With new skills and resources in hand, these individuals have gone on to implement evaluation plans that provide valuable insights to support evidence-informed decision making within their organizations.

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Health Program Monitoring and Evaluation: next offered January 2023

This fully online course is part of the Population Health Data Analysis (PHDA) program and can be taken as part of the certificate or as a stand-alone course.

Options are also available for customizing the course for organizational teams.

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Article by Ann Greenwood, Program Coordinator and Co-Project Lead for the curriculum development of the Professional Specialization Certificate in Population Health Data Analysis.


  • Posted October 26, 2022

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