Emergency Management for Organizational Continuity EMOC FAQ

Organizational Preparedness and Adaptability is a six-week micro-credential that introduces you to the principles and tools you need to prepare your organization to face a crisis with resilience. It’s perfect for those wanting to cover all the fundamentals quickly. For those who want a more in-depth program, or who are building on what they learned in OPA, the Emergency Management for Organizational Continuity program is a four-course program, where each course explores a topic in depth across 12 weeks.

Yes, we designed EMOC especially for those whose main job is not in emergency management or business continuity planning. The benefit of this training is to spread knowledge and skills throughout an organization, rather than leaving everything only to a few health-and-safety professionals. Organizations are stronger when staff in all areas work together on continuity and resilience planning. That said, many emergency coordinators find that EMOC fills in background knowledge and skills to complement their on-the-job experience.

You can take the EMOC courses in any order. There are no pre-requisites.

You are welcome to take just one, or two, or three of the courses, depending on which ones suit your interests and needs. However, a micro-certificate is awarded only to those who have successfully completed all four courses. If you haven’t taken all the courses and decide to complete the full program later, there is no time limit.

Each course is 12 weeks long.

Many learners complete the program in about a year, which means that in one term, you’d be taking two courses at once. However, others prefer to spread their learning out over four terms (about 15 months total), or longer.

Yes, absolutely. We designed this program for working professionals and you can expect to spend about four to seven hours each week per course. All the courses are “asynchronous,” meaning there is no set time you are required in a day or a week to be online. There will be deadlines for assignments and participating in discussions but generally, you can fit your study around your work and family obligations.

No. All course learning materials are included in the course fee. All course materials are accessible online, linked through your course site, with no additional cost.

Yes. You have the same access to the University of Victoria Library as all UVic students. The library has tutorials to help you familiarize yourself with the system. Check the UVic Library website to learn more about resources and services available.

EMOC instructors are industry experts who have worked extensively in the public and private sectors in emergency management and business continuity planning. They combine their strong academic backgrounds with plenty of on-the-job experience and are also skilled at facilitating online learning.

Your learning will be evaluated through a combination of written assignments and participation in discussions. One course (IT Security for Business Continuity) uses short quizzes as part of your assessment.

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