• Our Changing Ocean

This series consists of four stand-alone sessions: you can register for a single session or receive a discounted rate if you register for the entire series.

Humans are intimately connected to the global ocean: we rely on it for food, energy, transportation, jobs, recreation and even oxygen. Despite covering over 70 percent of the planet, providing a home to two million of Earth’s species, and containing some of the world’s tallest mountains and deepest valleys, the ocean is largely unexplored and holds many secrets to fully understanding our planet.

Increasing human population and world economic activity have resulted in accelerated exploitation of Earth’s resources and direct and indirect impacts to the global ocean. Additionally, as population densities in coastal areas increase, so too does the need to better understand and respond to ocean-related natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis.

Linking elements of chemistry, physics, biology and geology, these sessions will look at a number of ocean issues of societal concern and how technology is allowing us to better understand our changing ocean. Each session will include a 1.5-hour lecture followed by 30 minutes of discussion

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Southern Resident Killer Whales: an Assessment of How they are Doing

The southern resident killer whale (SRKW) population is under pressure from a number of assaults, including toxins, noise, and a lack of food. This lecture will review their behaviours and natural tendencies, and assess the three stressors impacting their survival.
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From Coast to Coast to Coast: Partnerships with Indigenous Communities to Advance Ocean Monitoring

Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) holds an organizational commitment to Indigenous engagement with communities across Canada. This presentation will highlight some of ONC’s experiences in supporting Indigenous-led projects and highlight some of ONC’s recent partnerships for ocean monitoring, education, and engagement programs.
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Climate Change and the Ocean

As our planet warms, the global ocean is feeling it. This talk outlines interrelated impacts and suggests actions we can take to counteract them.
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Powerful Earthquakes and Tsunamis and How to Tackle Them

Even though the west coast of North America is a beautiful, pristine, quiet, and relaxing environment, it has also been subject to powerful earthquakes triggering devastating tsunamis. This lecture will provide some answers, through the history of research and modern understanding of our tectonic settings, and the latest recommendations to survive the next big one.
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