Urban Restoration and Sustainable Agricultural Systems

PART OF: Restoration of Natural Systems - Certificate, Restoration of Natural Systems - Diploma

Course description

Urban areas and agricultural lands are highly modified landscapes. In this course, we examine how an ecological perspective can be applied to restoring urban areas and approaches to agriculture that promote sustainability and support biodiversity. The course covers two related topics: urban restoration and urban agriculture including sustainable agricultural systems.

Urban restoration topics include:

  • green space and greenways
  • maintenance and restoration of native species
  • protection and restoration of urban streams and wetlands, including management of storm water
  • and parks for nature versus recreation

Urban agriculture addresses permaculture, composting and organic gardening. Sustainable agriculture is approached from an agro-ecological perspective, and includes topics such as:

  • nutrient cycling and waste management
  • soil conservation
  • integrated pest management
  • agroforestry
  • holistic resource management

Local and international issues in agricultural sustainability are also discussed in this course.

Course code: ER331

How to register

To register, please call the Continuing Studies Registration Desk at 250-472-4747, Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.

If you’re not currently enrolled in the Restoration of Natural Systems (RNS) program, you must obtain approval from the Program Coordinator (ecorestoration@uvic.ca) before registering.

Credit (diploma) students pay $100 of the course tuition upon registration, with the remainder paid via their UVic MyPage account.

Non-credit (certificate) students pay the full course tuition upon registration.

Additional course details

Course credit

1.5 units at UVic or may be taken on a non-credit basis.


Semi-distance format requiring attendance on campus for five days, plus readings/assignments to be completed before and after the on-campus portion of the course.


Acceptance to the RNS program or a combination of work and/or education experience equivalent to third-year standing.

Next offering

November, 2018