Course description

This course gives students an understanding of biodiversity and conservation biology as scientific disciplines whose aims are to reduce impacts of human activities on biological diversity. We’ll explore the following topics:

  • the history and subject matter of conservation biology, including a discussion of the scientific approach to understanding the world
  • what biodiversity is, where it’s found and how it arises
  • values of biodiversity including economic, ethical and ecological perspectives
  • important basic principles of ecology as well as how these principles are used to design conservation projects and understand population biology processes and patterns (especially for small and endangered populations)
  • the status of biodiversity and the impacts of current threats such as habitat destruction, introduction of exotic species, spread of disease and over exploitation

We’ll also look at possible human interventions for stemming the loss of biodiversity including creating and maintaining protected areas, restoration and species recovery strategies, laws, policies and programs.

Course code: ER313

How to register

To register, please call the Continuing Studies Registration Desk at 250-472-4747, Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.

If you’re not currently enrolled in the Restoration of Natural Systems (RNS) program, you must obtain approval from the Program Coordinator ( before registering.

Credit (diploma) students pay $100 of the course tuition upon registration, with the remainder paid via their UVic MyPage account.

Non-credit (certificate) students pay the full course tuition upon registration.

Additional course details

Course credit

1.5 units at UVic or may be taken on a non-credit basis.


Online Moodle-based format over a 14-week period, requiring approximately 10 hours of coursework per week.


Acceptance to the RNS program or a combination of work and/or education experience equivalent to third-year standing.

Next offering

Sept. 5 to Dec. 3, 2017