Instructor Beth Carter teaches AHVS 488J, Curatorship: Contemporary Perspectives

Why is cultural resource management important to you?

Museums continue to be wonderful places to bring people together, and to share engaging and complex stories. We are going through a time of self-reflection right now, rethinking our approaches to diversity, and confronting our colonial roots. The CRM program is a great way for us to develop critical thinking, and become better stewards of history, culture and storytelling.

What do you like about teaching?

I love working with such a diverse group of students who are passionate about museums and learning. I believe in mentorship, and in sharing and learning from each other's experiences.

What do you do when you aren’t teaching?

I am curator at the Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art in Vancouver, where I care for the collections, and develop exhibitions and programs on topics that educate the general public on Indigenous art and culture. I am honoured to work in close collaboration with contemporary Indigenous artists and community members to share these stories. When I am not working, I love to spend time walking in nature with my husband and two dogs, spending time with family and friends, or enjoying time at our cottage on Vancouver Island.

How did you end up in your career?

Halfway through my BA at UBC, I was given a chance to visit the collections storage area at the Vancouver Centennial Museum (now the Museum of Vancouver). All of a sudden everything clicked. I had always loved visiting museums and galleries but until then, I never understood the work that goes on behind the scenes. That one experience helped focus my studies and my career goals. With the support of many wonderful mentors, and a lot of passionate determination, I have worked in many museums, large and small over the last 40 years.

Any advice for our students?

The best thing about museum work is constantly learning! Be open to new opportunities, be willing to listen and learn, be nimble, be humble, and pitch in wherever you are needed.

  • Posted July 6, 2022

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