Communicating Through Exhibitions

Code: AHVS488C
Apply this course towards: Cultural Resource Management, Collections Management, Visitor and Community Engagement

Course description

This course is about creating exhibitions that communicate clearly, that tell stories well, connect with the visitors as people and get them thinking. 

As a foundation, we shall analyze what makes exhibitions successful and how to look at all exhibitions with a critical eye. Making good decisions throughout the exhibition development process is essential to effective communication.

We will explore the entire planning process, however the primary focus will be on the story and how it is told. Mastering the art of interpretation is essential to creating exhibitions that work for visitors. We will look at the principles of powerful interpretation, the construction of the story and the particular art of writing for exhibitions. And, we will explore the tools a designer uses (including display cases, signage, lighting, digital presentations and more) to construct an exhibition that has a point to make, that moves the visitor emotionally and goes beyond simply conveying information. 

The course relies heavily on real life examples and practical exercises. You will also gain experience in developing interpretive content for an exhibition through collaboration as a member of a team.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Analyze what makes an exhibition successful
  • Understand the principles of interpretation and how to apply them
  • Develop an Interpretive Plan 
  • Construct a story that becomes the foundation for an exhibition’s design
  • Understand the principles for writing exhibition text that visitors want to read
  • Understand how to use design tools (display cases, signage, lighting, inter-actives and digital media) to effectively deliver an exhibition’s story


Note: though not required, prior experience in a cultural organization would be an asset for success in this course. Please contact the Program Office if you have any questions or concerns.


“I believe that museums can change peoples’ lives.”

Tim Willis is one of Canada’s most experienced museum professionals. During his 25 year career, he has led the creation of more than one hundred exhibitions, helped museums to shape their long-term visitor experience strategies, and been a strong advocate for the power of museums to change and enrich peoples’ lives.

After moving to Canada, Tim worked in private practice to plan several of Alberta’s heritage interpretive centers including Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump. In the late 1980s, Tim joined the Royal Alberta Museum as head of Exhibitions and Marketing. Under Tim’s leadership, the Royal Alberta Museum developed one of the most active exhibition programs in Canada. From 2001 to 2006, Tim led the development of a new visitor experience - part of the Royal Alberta Museum’s $180 million renewal project.

Joining the Royal BC Museum in September 2006, Tim’s focus was to create a long-term vision the entire visitor experience. He also headed some of the Museum’s most intriguing and successful exhibition projects.

In 2013, Tim decided to work independently sharing his knowledge and experience with students and advising museums and other clients.

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