Spanish courses

There are many reasons to learn a new language. Maybe you plan to travel abroad and want a deeper, more authentic travel experience. Maybe you have family or friends who speak another language and you want to learn about their culture. Maybe you want to improve your career prospects and get an edge on your competitors. Maybe you just want to see the looks of surprise, respect and admiration when you respond to someone in their native language.

Which course should I take? 


This introduction to Spanish is designed for those who have no previous knowledge of the language. Here, you will acquire basic pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar, as well as conversation skills through practice in pairs and small groups. Videos and audiovisual materials will enrich the content of your classes and teach important aspects of culture. 

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This course is for those who have completed Spanish: Introductory, or have a basic knowledge of the language and wish to improve their written and speaking skills. This course gives you the opportunity to participate in class and strengthen your oral skills in a friendly atmosphere. Essential grammar points will also be covered.

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Do you have a basic knowledge of Spanish and are looking to progress further, or have you recently completed Spanish: Beginner? This course will help you improve your speaking abilities by giving you ample opportunity to practice conversation with other fellow students. An increased emphasis on grammar will also strengthen your writing skills.

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This advanced conversation class is intended for those who have completed Spanish: Intermediate or have a high intermediate to advanced level. This class is geared to help you maintain your fluency and further enrich your vocabulary. Typical activities will include oral presentations and discussion of current events.

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We encourage students to participate in our language courses more than one time in order to truly learn the material taught over 10 lessons. It also gives you additional exposure to varying activities within each topic.

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