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This series of daytime lectures will acquaint you with UVic faculty and their many areas of interest. You may register for individual sessions or receive a discount for the full series registration. Coffee and/or tea is included. This series also runs in the Spring beginning in January.

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A full course refund will only be provided if you withdraw from a course prior to the course start date. For courses with more than one class, a refund, less a minimum $15 administrative fee may be issued if you withdraw prior to the second class. Depending on your method of payment, a refund will be either mailed to you or credited to your credit card.


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Global Migration Governance and the new Global Compacts

In December 2018, the international community agreed to two new Global Compacts to manage migration: the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration and the Global Compact for Refugees. Both agreements faced significant backlash, from anti-immigrant groups concerned with protecting state sovereignty, as well as from migrant advocacy groups concerned the agreements offered no new binding obligations on states.
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The Spectre of Populism: A Threat to Liberal Democracy?

Western democracies are confronted with the rise of populist parties that are fueled by strong anti-establishment sentiments. In particular right-wing, nationalist forces have gained considerable support with their anti-immigrant agenda and changed the landscape of party politics throughout Europe and North America.
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Coral Reefs and Climate Change

Thermal stress from the 2015-2016 El-NiƱo triggered the worst global coral bleaching and mass mortality event on record. In this talk, Dr. Baum will highlight the ecological surprises and transformation found at the thermal stress hot spot in her long-term field site in the central equatorial Pacific, Kiritimati (Christmas Island).
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