The Insidious Harms of Diet Culture


In her presentation, Dr. Nutter speaks to the cultural messages and beliefs about appearance, bodies, and health in our society that she aims to challenge in the research she conducts at the University Of Victoria. After defining diet culture, Dr. Nutter uses the fictional stories of two women with eating disorders to describe how we come to learn and internalize the messages of diet culture. She also describes the consequences of internalizing these attitudes and beliefs, including body dissatisfaction, eating disorders, and weight stigma.


Dr. Sarah Nutter

Dr. Sarah Nutter conducts research broadly related to weight-related issues, including weight stigma, body image, and eating disorders. Her primary research focus is on weight stigma and she is especially interested in better understanding sociocultural and ideological influences on weight stigma. She is also interested in better understanding the influence of weight stigma on health care and the attitudes of health care professionals towards patients with large bodies.


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