Mom Rage is Real: Why Parents Need Better Support


In this talk, Dr. Ou explores the origins of ‘mom rage’ and considers mom rage as a manifestation of multi-faceted parental distress and describes family-, community-, and policy-oriented solutions to reduce parental anger and distress.


Profile photo Dr. Christine Ou (RN, PhD

Dr. Christine Ou (RN, PhD) is an Assistant Professor at the UVic School of Nursing. As a pediatric registered nurse, she continues to support children and families with a program of research focused on the sleep and psychosocial well-being of families with infants and young children. She is also a Pacific Post Partum Support Society board director and the Principal Investigator of the Parent-Child Lab.

Dr. Ou is committed to improving perinatal mental health care in Canada. To promote the health of children and families, she is engaged in several intersecting lines of research examining mood, sleep, co-parenting, and well-being in parents of infants and young children; investigating individual, family, and social factors associated with children’s developmental outcomes; and establishing priorities for integrated perinatal mental health care in Canada.


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