Literacies in Education: Past, Present and Possible Futures


In this presentation, Dr. Begoray takes a chronological look at the place of literacies in the schools. Starting with the long time importance and central role of reading and writing, she then looks at the expansion of the concept of literacy to include other modes of communication such as oral and visual. Dr. Begoray will unpack the vital place of multiple literacies in the schools, and also in society, as we embrace more diverse voices and prepare students for their economic and social futures. Through the use of her own research with adolescents in the schools and in communities, and the work of other scholars, she reviews the use of literacies across a variety of subject areas, especially health, and finally considers how multiple literacies might contribute to all our possible futures.

Dr. Deboray Begoray is a professor of language and literacies in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the Faculty of Education. She teaches and researches in the areas of critical and media literacies with adolescents. Most recently, she has been working with Indigenous youth who produced graphic novels on the topic of critical media health literacy, and adolescents using literacies in the public library to enhance mental health and wellness.


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