Introduction to Canadian Culture

Code: CS101
Apply this course towards: Canadian Studies

Course description

An introduction to the multidisciplinary study of cultural structures and expression in Canada, including such forms as literature, fine arts, mass media and communications. This course is offered face to face September to December and online January to April.

Learning objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Articulate a foundational understanding of the field of Canadian Studies.
  • Think critically about the connections between Canada’s past and contemporary societies, and about the construction, negotiation and contesting of Canada’s national identities.
  • Employ practical skills of research, critical analysis, argumentation and writing and be familiar with interdisciplinary research


Permission of Program Coordinator. Please call 250-721-7589 for more information.


How to register

If you are interested in taking this course on a non-credit basis, please call 250-721-7589 for more information. Please note that if you wish to take this course for credit, and you are not currently a UVic student, you will need to apply to the University of Victoria for admission.