Strategies and Actions for Independent Living (SAIL) SAIL FAQ

Training course

SAIL is a three-week course. You'll start on a Friday with the Orientation to Online Learning, and then begin the course itself the following Monday, ending on the Monday three weeks later.

You should expect to spend three to six hours each week in the course. This includes reading, watching videos, doing assignments, and participating in forum discussions. But time spent varies with each individual. If you have more experience in this area of health care, you may progress more quickly. If the subject matter is new to you, or you prefer to spend extra time to explore the course materials, you may take a little longer.

Our instructors come from a variety of backgrounds. They are chosen based on recommendations from our stakeholders and their experience working in fall prevention. All instructors have completed the Strategies and Actions for Independent Living instructor training.

You'll work on a case study and complete three exercises in which you apply what you've learned to the case study scenario. These first two exercises are not graded, but are marked as complete or incomplete. The third is marked with a passing grade of 56% or higher. The final requirement is to complete a short multiple-choice quiz. All three exercises and the quiz must be completed with passing marks to receive a Micro-certificate.

All the learning materials you need are provided and accessed through the course site. No additional books or materials are required.

The SAIL Resources are available for ongoing (optional) access on a yearly subscription plan after the course ends. The subscription includes access to:

  • All SAIL tools and videos, including the Home Activity Program (HAP) videos
  • HAP videos and illustrated handouts for home care clients (available in English, Farsi, Mandarin and Punjabi)
  • Additional resources that are not part of the SAIL training course to support home-care agencies and supervisors to implement a SAIL program.
  • Training materials for home health professionals, such as nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, who may supervise the home care aides taking the main SAIL training course. Access is available for each individual who takes the SAIL training course, as well as for their manager.

You can view and change your contact information (telephone number, mailing address, email address) in the online student registration system. You can also view and print your unofficial transcripts there.

SAIL Resourses

No, access to the SAIL Resources is optional. The benefit of signing up is to have ongoing access to the SAIL tools and videos, and also for the additional guidance provided for home care agencies and other organizations who want to implement and manage the SAIL program.

The SAIL Resources are available only to graduates of the SAIL training course and, in the case of an organization that enrols one or more staff in the training course, access is available to the manager of those staff members. Group discounts are available: contact us for details. 

We offer a sliding scale for access to the SAIL Resources. The fee decreases with enrollment of additional staff members in the SAIL training course. Contact us for details. 

Access to the SAIL Resources opens at the end of the training course, and is valid for one year.

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