This year's BC Mindfulness Summit has a great lineup of presenters, each offering wisdom and practical skills for participants to use in their everyday lives. We recently had the opportunity to have a conversation with Lisa Baylis to ask a few questions about her professions, interests and more.

Lisa Baylis

Lisa Baylis has been sharing wellbeing strategies for the last 20 years. A natural born connector with an innate ability to make people feel valued and heard, she is an instructor, a counsellor, a facilitator, and a mother. Lisa is a published author of Self-Compassion for Educators as well as the creator of the AWE Method — Awakening the Wellbeing for Educators — which merges self-care, mindfulness, and self-compassion.

How did you become interested in mindfulness?
First as an athlete, I saw the importance of it in helping me focus, then as a mom when I needed to find a sense of calm, most recently as an educator as a way of showing up in the world and modelling presence for my colleagues and students.

What do you like about teaching?
I love connecting with people in community and being with others in the present moment. I love the community practicing together creates.

I love the sense of ease that comes across people’s hearts when they learn they have permission to love themselves. I love sharing the practices of mindfulness and self-compassion and letting them create a ripple throughout our world.

My proudest professional moment is…
Most recently, having my first book published: Self-Compassion for Educators – Mindful Practices to Awaken your Well-being and Grow your Resilience. It's being released June 15, 2021.

If you could have a super power, what would it be?
To shoot love and kindness out of my fingertips so that people could instantly feel it and then offer it to themselves and others. So that we all could continue to spread love and compassion.

Which famous person (from any time period) would you like to have dinner with?
I would love to sit down with Dr. Jill Biden right now and see how together we could work towards supporting the well-being of educators. Maybe we’d bring Brene Brown and Michelle Obama as well! This would be a great night out!

Your dream vacation destination is?
Right now—anywhere! But I’d love to adventure around New Zealand with my family and take my mom to Iceland one day.


BC Mindfulness Summit

The BC Mindfulness Summit is a weekend educational event for community members and professionals to develop and enrich their personal and professional mindfulness practices. It is developed in partnership with the British Columbia Association for Living Mindfully (BCALM).


  • Posted May 3, 2021