Pulp Friction: Scavenger Hunt

Pulp Friction: Scavenger Hunt

This exercise is a scavenger hunt — that means that you have to go out and find the answers to the questions below using the Internet. Type or write your answers in the blanks below. You can record your name below if you are working with a teacher.

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  1. When was the first Canadian paper mill built at St. Andrews, Quebec?
  2. Where was the first BC pulp and paper mill built in 1894?
  3. How many people are directly employed in the forestry industry in BC today?
  4. How much money does the provincial government in Victoria now make from the forestry industry?
  5. How much money did the BC pulp industry lose in 1996?
  6. What percentage of life forms on the planet live in the rainforest?
  7. How many species become extinct every year due to deforestation?
  8. How many undamaged rainforest valleys are left today on BC's Raincoast?
  9. In 1996 how many acres of hemp were grown in Canada?
  10. What percentage of fat does hemp seed contain?