Whom, Whose, or Who's 1

Whom, Whose, or Who's 1

Fill the gaps with whom, whose, or who's.

Type all of your answers and then click on "Check answers". If you need help, click on "Show a letter".
(1) The young lady sitting over there is very fashionable.

(2) That's the student notes I used to study for the exam.

(3) The people we met at the hotel were very helpful.

(4) I apologized to the man car I accidently hit in the parking lot.

(5) This area has many expensive, new houses. Obviously, they are for people incomes are quite high.

(6) The child the doctor examined on Friday has completely recovered.

(7) I called a plumber going to fix our broken pipe.

(8) I share an apartment with two ESL students, both of are from Japan.

(9) That's the government worker I obtained the information from.

(10) The police arrested a suspect fingerprints were on the murder weapon.

(11) There were several messages from people, most of I didn't know, on my answering machine when I got home.

(12) Has the manager decided going to open the store on Saturday morning?

(13) My dog, name is Nana, is very friendly.