Future Time Clauses 2

Future Time Clauses 2

Fill the gaps with future time clauses.

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Good afternoon everyone. This is David Scott reporting for CVTM News.

In a short time, Professor Tobias Mathews is going to hold a press conference to reveal his latest invention. Although the professor has been tight-lipped about the project, there are many rumours about it. One rumour says that the professor's invention is a new type of fuel while another says that it is some new form of transportation. Once the conference , everyone the truth.

When Professor Mathews at the building, he escorted to the conference room. As soon as he here, the conference . Because of the professor's international reputation, reporters from many nations all over the world are here anxiously awaiting his arrival. I expect they numerous questions for him when the press conference finally . Many of them reporting live to their homelands via satellite while the conference in progress. Consequently, after the conference , people all over the world about Professor Mathews' newest, and possibly greatest, invention.

For CVTM News, this is David Scott.