Third Conditional 1

Third Conditional 1

In this exercise, you will practise forming the third conditional. Based on the example sentence, complete the third conditional sentence by filling in the spaces. For example:
I didn't pass the test, because I hadn't studied hard enough. --> "If I had studied harder, I would have passed the test."

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  1. He crashed his car, because he fell asleep while driving.
    If he asleep while driving, he his car.

  2. We couldn't go to the concert, because we didn't have enough money.
    If we enough money, we to the concert.

  3. I lost my job because I was late for work.
    I my job if I late for work.

  4. The wind was so strong that the bridge collapsed.
    If the wind so strong, the bridge .

  5. I couldn't call Sally because I had lost her number.
    I Sally if I her number.