New in 2019! These convenient combinations allow students to extend their Intensive English ELPI program to study from 14–24 weeks. To apply for a Study Set, please complete the ELC application form, as online registration is not yet available for these program options.

ELPI ‘A’ + ELPI ‘B’: January 7–July 3 $7,500 (discounted tuition!)
March Monthly English + ELPI ‘B’: March 4–July 3 $5,700
ELPI ‘B’ + July P4: April 8–July 26 $5,700
ELPI ‘B’ + ELAI: April 8–Sept. 5 $7,250 (discounted tuition!)
August P6 + ELPI ‘C’: July 29–Dec. 4 $5,700
ELPI ‘C’ + Project-Based Presentations $4,675

Registration policies/guidelines:

  • Students submit a single $150 application fee and $350 deposit for registration in both programs. This deposit is applied to the first program in the Study Set. For example, if a student registers for ELPI ‘A’ + ELPI ‘B’, the deposit will be applied to ELPI ‘A’ ($3,950 - $350).
  • As per our ELC refund policy, the $150 application fee and $350 deposit are non-refundable.
  • Tuition balance is due 5 weeks before each program start date. For example, ELPI ‘A’ 2019 balance would be due on December 3, 2018.  ELPI ‘B’ tuition would be due March 4, 2019.
  • For Study Sets that offer a tuition discounts (ELPI ‘A’ + ELPI ‘B’ and ELPI ‘B’ + ELAI), the discount is applied to the second program.
  • If full fees have been paid before beginning the Study Set and if students decide to withdraw from the second program, they will receive a full refund for that program. Students must notify the ELC of their cancellation in writing before the start date of the second program in the Study Set
  • Posted August 29, 2018