We've made some exciting changes to our Monthly English and Summer Language and Culture Programs

These programs now feature "English through Themes," an innovative curriculum in which students will improve their English skills while exploring issues related to three unique themes: 1) Canada, 2) Global Issues and 3) Society and Culture. 

We've made these changes in response to the evolving needs and interests of our students and university partners, who have let us know that students today want more than just English classes; they want to explore issues that effect their daily lives, challenge their assumptions, and develop their critical thinking skills. "English Through Themes" will encourage students to reflect on the meaning of 'global citizenship' as they learn about Canada and other countries - including their own. 

Our ELC materials developers worked from September – December to create engaging thematic content that adheres to the English skills as outlined in each class level, while also ensuring that students who want to study for longer periods of time may do so without repeating material. The 3 topics will be reflected on the Record of Grade students receive at the end of the program. 

We are confident that "English Through Themes" will make learning more interesting and relevant than ever for students in our short-term programs, allowing them to express their opinions and expand their ideas in classes each day. We look forward to hearing the students' responses to the themes and new materials this year! 

  • Posted January 24, 2020