In November, students from 2 ELPI classes organized a fundraiser bake sale for a not-for-profit organization that provides start-up funding for educational, agricultural and community projects in Africa (mainly Uganda) so that they can become sustainable. After weeks of preparation, students in these classes hosted a successful 2-day event, raising $1400 for PODA’s projects. One participant, reported on her experience working on this project:

Hello. I’m Jeonghee Choi from Gerry’s 493G class. It is an honor that I write this thank you letter on behalf of classes 491G & 493G to appreciate all amazing helps you gave us.

Thanks to all of you, we could raise $1,400. It is super super awesome! We know the efforts of all people made this huge amount of money. All of the money was donated to the charity named PODA(Partnership of Developing Association), which is started by people in Victoria, and will be used for the projects to help people in Uganda, such as building schools, buying goats, etc.

First, thanks to all our volunteers for coming to class to help us practice our charity presentations. Your coaching is very beneficial to make a much more attractive and precise presentation. We were able to get confident about presenting and do it successfully.

Second, thanks to the teachers for allowing 491G & 493G students to come into your classes to do presentations. We know you supported us to feel comfortable. It helped us reduce nervousness and do our presentation well. Thanks to you, we spent valuable time with your awesome students and had a wonderful discussion.

Third, thanks to all students for listening to the presentations and buying cookies to support the work of PODA. Even though we met each other for the first time, you were really friendly and listened to us kindly. We were so happy to meet you and meet again at the bake sale. It was a memorable moment.

Forth but above all, thanks to all staff, teachers and students who bought cookies. We know you have a really warm heart. Your love will help disadvantaged people and make the world better. We appreciate you sharing a part of yourselves with us, the charity(PODA) and people in Uganda.

Finally, thanks to those teachers, staff and students in other classes who contributed baked goods for sale to help us fundraise. All of you also have a really warm heart. We are surprised that other people were willing to bake cookies for us. It made our heart warm. In addition, thank all the administrative staffs for helping us run our Bake sale smoothly.

To sum up, thanks to the efforts of all people, the charity project could be successful. We were very impressed by your help. We believe this fund will help disadvantaged people and give them a sustainable and better life than before. We will never forget your kindness and the moments with you. Thank you very much and good luck.”

  • Posted December 4, 2018

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