Sample photo of a whale watching excursion.


Prepare for adventure with our Cultural Assistants leading the way! Outside of your English classes, there’s another side of our programs – the activities! Each program offers a unique activity calendar, but whatever our Cultural Assistants plan, it’s sure to be social, cultural and unforgettable!

Our workshops, local trips and special events are all designed for you to practice English while having fun. Trust us – it works! ELC programs also feature optional weekend trips at discounted prices for our students. Whale watching, going to hockey games, visiting Butchart Gardens, trips to Vancouver and kayaking are all student favourites!

If you’re living in dormitories in July and August, there’s an additional calendar of free evening activities to enjoy – including swimming, language games, movie nights and more.



Summer Activities:

Rock Climbing:

Bumper Soccer:

Culture Night:


Final Dinner Speech: