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About the ELC

What is the ELC?

We're one of Canada's most respected English language schools.

We're "home" to +2200 international students who study English with us each year.

We're a proud part of the University of Victoria and the Division of Continuing Studies.

We're an international and Canadian community.

… And we can't wait to welcome you!

The English Language Centre has offered intensive English programs at UVic since 1970, and is now one of the largest on-campus English schools in Canada. Each year we welcome students from more than 30 countries to programs from one to three months in length. Many students study English with us for much longer, depending on their needs and goals.   

As experts in the field of English language training, we are focused on student success and student support. When you register for an ELC program, you can be confident that we have every detail of your program covered: classes, activities, accommodation and meals. Our classes will build your English skills and our activities will help you feel at home in a new city and culture.   

Student testimonials:

The ELC offers great programs, organizes fun leisure activities, and the staff is always trying hard to take care of the students' needs. I had and still have a strong connection to my teachers. They gave me support and constructive feedback when I needed it.

Rebecca Betzinger Germany

I studied at the ELC just before starting my PhD program in Computer Science at home in Colombia. It was a super valuable experience and a great opportunity for the improvement of my English skills. My performance during my PhD has been amazing and one important factor has been my communication skills.

Norha Villegas Colombia

The UVic ELC has everything you need to learn English such as various programs, useful learning tools, modern facilities and great teachers. So, take advantage of it all and be immersed in English!

Ami Muto Japan

In Victoria I met wonderful people from different countries with different personalities but all of them had the same goal: “Study English”.

Cristina Parihuamán López Peru

Studying at the ELC definitely was the best experience so far in my life. The first thing I learned here is that our cultural differences are based only in prejudice because I met a lot of friends with so much in common even though we are from very different countries and cultures.

Luís Fernández Mexico

Everything was perfect in Victoria; beautiful nature, friendly citizens, safe city, awesome teachers and the BEST friends!

DongMin LeeKorea