July 2014 internship students

Arrianna D’Orsay (Dipl CRM)

Lahaina Restoration Foundation – Maui, Hawaii

Arrianna D’OrsayArrianna is currently interning at Lahaina Restoration Foundation. The Foundation manages and maintains 14 historic properties and operates several museums. Over the course of the next three months, Arrianna will be developing an artifact cataloguing system, coordinating an upcoming Lahaina Plantation Days event, and caretaking the Hale Pa’ahao (Historic Prison).

David Mbuthia (Dipl CRM)

Nairobi National Museum– Nairobi, Kenya

David MbuthiaDuring his recent internship at the Nairobi National Museum, David worked with children from Nairobi slums through a program called Inspiration through Cultural Objects. This program was sponsored by the French Embassy and initially involved consultation sessions with 20 teachers from 10 different schools. David’s internship project focused on how to involve the students in developing an exhibition of their objects:

The activities under this internship were preceded by 10 creative workshops in which 203 students participated and successfully produced a total of 180 inspirational objects. Following this success, the first activity under the internship involved selecting and preparing 50 objects for the exhibition. This was followed by preparation of text panels and captions and ultimately the installation of the exhibition.

The exhibition lasted over two months and was visited by 2,010 visitors with 1,200 being children, who were its main target audience. The feedback in the visitors book was overwhelmingly positive with over 90 percent of the comments expressing appreciation for the opportunity that the exhibition gave the museum visitors to be engaged creatively. The exhibition also provided a chance for a young volunteer to learn exhibition installation, curation and interpretation programs. The internship achieved its goal through the exhibition, which successfully engaged children in developing and interpreting content at the museum. It also yielded valuable experience for the museum participants who will use the lessons learned for continued child engagement in museum content development.

  • Posted July 7, 2014

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