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You may not have a crystal ball, but having a business continuity plan in place will help you prepare your organization for emergencies.

Ongoing crises such as natural disasters, cyber-attacks, pandemics and security threats can affect a business’ operation at every level. Whether you are running a small business or a large multi-national corporation, you and your colleagues need the skills necessary to ensure your operations are resilient in times of upheaval and change. What’s more, continuity planning is no longer something that can or should be delegated to emergency management or risk professionals alone. It has become a core management function for all business leaders.

Continuing Studies at UVic is here to help strengthen your knowledge on continuity planning. We've launched two micro-credential programs for those without a specialized background in emergency preparedness or business continuity:

Stasha deLure, a graduate of the EMOC micro-credential program says that developing the skills to plan for business continuity gave her a new sense of security and confidence in her business operations. "Completing my work in this program gave me the edge I needed to continue my personal and business growth," says Stasha. "The micro-credential has equipped me to assess, avoid or respond, and confidently recover from, … risks that have the potential to become emergency disasters."

Ready to invest in your organization’s future? Explore your options today. Courses start in May and October.

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  • Posted February 27, 2023