Ms. Laura Holder





Laura Holder is a senior analyst with the Analytics and Special Projects team at the Western Office of the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI). She completed her MSc in epidemiology and biostatistics in the Public Health Sciences Department at Queen’s University, in Ontario. Her graduate research focused on how best to employ statistical methodologies to handle missing data in complex survey settings and the impact these methodological choices have on the conclusions drawn in studies.

Prior to her role at CIHI, Laura worked as an analyst with the Institute for Clinical and Evaluative Sciences, where she used administrative health data to conduct the analyses for a broad range of studies. These included international comparisons of childhood mortality, usage of the emergency department for mental health issues, validation of liver disease case definitions, and maternal outcomes for incarcerated women. In her current role at CIHI, Laura and her team work to support the analytic capacity of Canada’s western jurisdictions.

Courses taught by this instructor

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Ms. Laura Holder