Gurleen Bhatia



MSc, BTech, CPHI


Gurleen Bhatia is a full-time health, safety and environment educator with a post-secondary institute in British Columbia. She holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental health from the British Columbia Institute of Technology and a master's degree in occupational and environmental hygiene from the University of British Columbia. As an OHS professional in the field, Gurleen was responsible for overseeing the health and safety of workers by conducting routine risk assessments and identifying and implementing controls for a number of health and safety hazards at various worksites.

Gurleen also spent many years as an environmental health officer with the Fraser Health Authority, ensuring public health regulatory compliance in a wide range of occupational settings, before transitioning into the role of a healthy built environment specialist. In this capacity, Gurleen provided oversight to Fraser East municipalities regarding the adverse health effects and exposures affecting the public due to inadequacies in community planning. 

Courses taught by this instructor

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