American Sign Language Courses

Which American Sign Language level should I take? 

Level I
ASL 100A

An introduction to language used by the Deaf community in North America. Covers basic vocabulary, essentials of grammar and fundamental structures for everyday interaction. The course also provides insight into the Deaf community and Deaf culture. No prior knowledge of ASL is required.

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Level II
ASL 100B

A continuation of ASL 100A with an emphasis on increasing vocabulary, skills applying grammatical features, facial expression and receptive and expressive signing.

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Level III 
ASL 200A

A continuation of ASL 100B, providing essentials of fundamental structures for everyday interaction. Develops appropriate grammatical features and facial grammar including non-manual signals in addition to receptive and expressive signing skills. Presents insight into the Deaf community and Deaf Culture.

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Level IV
ASL 200B

A continuation of ASL 200A. Develops vocabulary and appropriate signing registers as well as skills for role-shifting and point of view when narrating in sign language, including the use of three-dimensional space and placement. Builds knowledge and understanding of Deaf culture.

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