Awards, Scholarships and Bursaries for Intercultural Studies and Practice Students

In addition to financial aid, there are a number of awards and scholarships that may be available to Intercultural Studies and Practice program students.

Each term the Division of Continuing Studies offers bursaries totalling $1,000 to assist learners in furthering their education. Bursaries are awarded to learners who can display evidence of a commitment to lifelong learning and who can demonstrate financial need. Learn more about the Continuing Studies bursary here. 

As an Intercultural Studies and Practice student, you may be eligible for more than 50 general bursaries through UVic Student Awards and Financial Aid.

To be eligible for these bursaries, you must be receiving maximum government student loans and still have unmet financial need.

Only one application is necessary to be considered for all bursaries. To apply:

  1. login to the scholarship and bursary section of My Page
  2. select the current academic year (example: 2016/2017)
  3. select the current term (fall, spring, summer)
  4. click "continue" and select the General Bursary

Continue to follow the prompts to apply for the bursaries for which you are eligible.

Be sure to read all instructions as you complete the application and hit the submit button as your last step to ensure your application is submitted.

For more information—including a list of available bursaries—please click here.

Some of the bursaries you may be eligible for:

Allan and Elizabeth McKinnon Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a senior student of high academic standing, engaged in a Major or Honours program in Canadian history, who would find it difficult to resume studies without financial aid.

Allardice Lancaster Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a student entering the fourth year of an Honours program in the Faculty of Humanities. Academic standing and participation in university and community activities will be considered.

David Flaherty Undergraduate Student Library Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to an academically outstanding undergraduate student, in any discipline, who can show how they have utilized library resources—be they print archival, music, multimedia, digital, etc.—for a class project, assignment or research paper.
Eligible students must complete a 500-word essay explaining their use of library resources in an application. The university Librarian's Office will nominate the recipient.

Application forms for these bursaries are only available after an appointment with a Financial Aid Officer in Student Awards & Financial Aid.

Daniel Jacob Memorial Bursary

Through the initial generosity of the Alma Mater Society and the ongoing support of the University of Victoria Student's Society, a special fund has been established to commemorate Daniel Jacob, a student who died accidentally in November 1981.
The fund is open to all undergraduate students, regardless of citizenship, who have demonstrable financial need and who may otherwise be forced to postpone or discontinue the academic career.

Students' Society Student Crisis Fund 

This fund is available to all undergraduate students, including international students, who have demonstrated financial need. Preference is given to students with dependents.

Christopher E. Wilks Bursary Fund

This fund was established by Mr. Harry Wilks in memory of his beloved son, Christopher, who died accidentally in December 1974. The purpose of the fund is to financially assist deserving students to pursue an academic career who otherwise may be forced to postpone or discontinue their studies.

All undergraduate students attending the University of Victoria who can demonstrate need may apply for assistance. Should circumstances arise where more students apply for assistance than available funds will cover, the decision as to which students will receive assistance will be governed by the areas of study, with preference given to studies in the Humanities.

If their financial circumstances continue to warrant such assistance, bursaries may be granted to the same students in subsequent years while attending the University of Victoria.

UVIC Graduate Student Society Child Care Bursary

GSS Child Care Bursaries are awarded to students with demonstrated financial need based on British Columbia Student Assistance Program standards and child care cost. Eligible service may include:

  • private daycare
  • UVic child care
  • baby-sitting services

Applications are available from the Student Awards & Financial Aid office. The application deadline is Oct. 15 of each year.

Eligibility for these bursaries may depend on age, employment, affiliation with organizations, sex and gender orientation, First Nations status, ethnicity etc.

The Mary Cone Barrie Scholarship 

This scholarship is available to any non-traditional learner currently enrolled in a course or program through the continuing education division of a Canadian or American accredited college or university.

CFUW Comox Valley Bursary

CFUW Comox Valley offers two bursaries of $1000 each to female students who have graduated from secondary school or equivalent in the Comox Valley. Eligible candidates must be:

  • full-time students
  • entering at least their second year of a four year bachelor program leading to a degree at an accredited Canadian college or university, or transferring from a completed first or second college year to a university in order to complete a bachelor program

Proof of acceptance from the receiving university is required, and the applicant must provide secondary school and all university transcripts as well as current references.
For a bursary application and more information, please contact Carol Bye, Bursary Chair, at

Please state full name, year and university attending when applying for applications.

CIBC & Student Life Network – Canada’s Luckiest Student

The Student Life Network, in collaboration with CIBC, is offering a $20,000 award to help a current Canadian student pay for school. 
The award is not merit based, and it is free to apply. In addition to the $20,000 for school it contains a whole host of other awards that make a student’s life easier.

There are also numerous in-course scholarships available through UVic, which are given at the discretion of each department based on GPA.

Further scholarships can be found at student aid BC and through the UVic Student Awards and Financial Aid website.