Pulp Friction: Essay Writing

Pulp Friction: Essay Writing

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Your Task

Your task is to write a short essay responding to one of the points of view below. You may agree with the point of view, or you may disagree with it; in either case, give at least three reasons for your opinion. Begin your essay with an introductory paragraph, and end with a conclusion. You can use any of the information you have learned from this unit, and you may also want to search the Web for more information on the topic.

Points of View

  1. Extinction is natural. It doesn't matter if grizzly bears become extinct because some other creature will take their place, as in the case of the dinosaurs.

  2. The forestry industry is vital to the economy of BC. Logging companies must be allowed to continue cutting down trees. The economy is more important than the forests, and the forests will grow again anyway in a few years.

  3. In order to preserve the forests, we must stop using so much paper. The government should put a very high tax on paper to prevent people from using so much of it.

  4. If farmers are allowed to start growing hemp, many of them will also grow marijuana, and the drug problem will get worse.

  5. Marijuana should be legal, because is harmless, and it is an effective medicine for many kinds of disease.

Print the page and give it to your teacher.