Participial Adjectives 2

Participial Adjectives 2

Using the verb in parenthesis, supply the correct adjective in each of the following sentences.

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1. When Christina was young, she felt (compel) to dance whenever she heard catchy tunes on the radio.

2. Her mother was (mystify) by this, because no one had ever taught Christina to dance.

3. Nevertheless, she encouraged her because Christina was always (tire) from getting so much exercise that she readily fell asleep at night.

4. When Christina was older, she astonished everyone by applying for a scholarship to a national dance school. The most (astonish) thing was that she was only fourteen years old.

5. As the time for the audition came nearer, Christina was (excite) , and by practicing daily, she got better and better.

6. The required movements were especially (challenge) .

7. By the day of the audition, Christina was ready, and she was not (intimidate) by anything she had to do.

8. Weeks later, however, a letter arrived with the (puzzle) news that Christina did not get the scholarship.

9. That was a bit (disappoint) until her mother pointed out that she could try again next year.

10. That point of view especially (comfort) Christina's new boyfriend.

11. With her dream of becoming a professional dancer temporarily put on hold, Christina decided to concentrate on her studies. All in all, her life was pretty (satisfy) .