Past Perfect 2

Past Perfect 2

In this exercise, you will practise forming the past perfect. Based on each first sentence, complete the following past perfect sentence by filling in the spaces. You can use the full form or the contracted form.

For example:
First, I washed the car. Then, I drove to the mall. --> "After I had washed the car, I drove to the mall."

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  1. First, we ate at the cafeteria. Then, we went to class.
    After we at the cafeteria, we to class.

  2. First, Juan made himself a sandwich. Then, he poured some tea.
    After Juan himself a sandwich, he some tea.

  3. First, Gunawan plugged in the headphones. Then, he played a CD.
    Before he a CD, Gunawan in the headphones.

  4. First, Soriah fed the cat. Then, she called her mother.
    Soriah her mother after she the cat.

  5. First, Marie did her homework. Then, she watched TV.
    Marie her homework before she TV.