The Passive 1

The Passive 1

Complete the exercise using appropriate forms of the verbs below plus the verb "be".

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Verb List: grow, kill, visit, unload, store, cause, discover, shatter, know, take

In 1787, an English fleet consisting of eleven ships under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip set sail from Portsmouth, England, for a newly discovered land which today as Australia. The passengers were convicts. More than 700 of them were being sent to the other side of the world because there was no room for them in England's overcrowded prisons.

At that time, long sea voyages were extremely hazardous. Sailors not only had to cope with terrible storms, but also diseases, particularly scurvy. Thousands of seamen by it. To prevent an outbreak of scurvy aboard Phillip's ships, supplies of fruit and vegetables below decks. Moreover, green vegetables on board the ships during the voyage.

The trip took several months. The Canary Islands, Rio de Janeiro and Capetown along the way. At each port of call, the sailors did their best to repair any damage which by storms. Moreover, water, food and animals aboard the ships to replenish dwindling stocks. Eventually, the fleet reached its destination, Botany Bay. However, their dreams of establishing a settlement there almost immediately. The soil wasn't rich enough to grow crops for so many people and even worse, drinking water was scarce. In addition, strong winds from the bay could cause sailing vessels to run aground. Consequently, Phillip sailed northward in search of a better location, which quickly. After the people and supplies from the ships, Phillip claimed the entire coast for Britain. The date was January 26, 1788. Since then, the little colony has grown into the thriving Australian city of Sydney.