Future Time Clauses 1

Future Time Clauses 1

Fill the gaps with future time clauses.

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REPORTER: Can you tell us about your latest invention, professor?

PROFESSOR: Not yet. It's not finished. I make certain it before I tell anyone about it.

REPORTER: But everyone is anxious to know about it, professor. Can't you tell us anything?

PROFESSOR: I'm sorry, but I can't at this time. As soon as it ready, I you all about it.

REPORTER: Can you at least tell us how much more work you have to do?

PROFESSOR: I just have to run a few tests. I a press conference and answer all your questions after I the tests.

REPORTER: How long will it take you to run the tests?

PROFESSOR: Not long. I the first tests as soon as I to the lab. If all goes well, I should be finished in a week or two.

REPORTER: So you give us any information about your new invention until you all the tests?

PROFESSOR: I'm sorry, but I just can't. However, I will say this much. You amazed when you what my latest invention can do.

REPORTER: Is it true that you are going to retire soon, professor?

PROFESSOR: Yes. This invention will be my last. Once I it to the world, I retire and spend more time with my wife and children.